212cc Escalade Powerwheels Entering Golf Course Track :)!

212cc Escalade Powerwheels Entering Golf Course Track :)!

Video on 131 in Bible = Hemorrhage the Corona virus:

Kobe was in battle with big pharm watch the guy Youtube:

Here other video I did confirmation he was murdered:

Download songs on Youtube for free:

Link to all ebay listings for sprocket, rotor, chain guard, pedal sprocket, 80cc chain tensioner, 240SX, E30 gauge holder etc. Pick up cheaper located in Long Beach, CA behind Long Beach airport. Cell text or call Thaison Nguyen (Tyson Win) 562 / 213 / 8642.

U.S. Government Following Satan So If You Haven’t Done So Ask Jesus To Be Your Savior Otherwise You Won’t Be Able To Go To Heaven During Judgement. Check Out The Following Youtube:
*I asked the Father on October 10, 2017 for the deadline since Jesus doesn’t know but Jesus says the Father knows. Found this 10/4 get out or go on vacation but don’t know the year. I suggest two week ahead to be safe in case they shut down the airport and TSA (Transgender Shit Agency) shutting down checked baggage an hour early now before flight so make sure you arrive to airport on time. Watch for the completion of the third temple in the City of David. The AntiChrist Obama has to appear in the third temple before they do the nukes: 100% Proof We Are Living in End Times : Dajjal & WW3
Destruction of Babylon/NYC 10-4 “Message Received, Over & Out?”This is their plan watch the destruction and the Russians submarines nukes been set: “End Time Events – Seals, Trumpets, Great Tribulation, Antichrist, Rapture.” Found this as of 7/10/2018: “Rock of Dome in Jerusalem – Same topography of Western USA”
1.) Leave America Now 300 Million Will Die in Civilization Collapse by 2018 researchers 2013 prediiction
2.) The Russian Spytrap “100,000,000 To DROWN ALIVE” The Signs Are Everywhere!
3.) New $100 bill decoded
4.) Fema coffins
5.) HARRP weather control
7.) Fluoride in tap water boil dry you can see. Buy Evian from France or Fiji from Japan but I like Evain tastes better.
8.) Russian Mole nukes
9.) Dumitru Duduman Invasion of America
10.) Out Of Body Experience (THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND)
11.) DEBORAH TAVARES – EXTINCTION Plan for Humanity – DEPLOYED Silent Weapon System
12.) Walmart Fema camps
13.) No Chemo the body can heal with natural spices or starve the body
14.) Fake news
15.) Deagel.com Predicts 240 Million Dead Americans Within 8 Years
16.) Fema depopulation of American people proof here
17.) Don’t take vaccine poison with mercury aluminum etc.
18.) Agenda 2030: Translated (Goal 11 fire getting people out of rural areas)
19.) Obama is the AntiChirst and will return type In “Jesus Temptation in Desert”
20.) This is how they plan to KILL us – Elite Insider George Green
21.) Follow The Bible for Answer and hint from Jesus to get out!
22.) Got evidence on California fire: Evidence of Directed Energy Weapons Caught On Video Setting Fire to California Properties
23.) Don’t let them install smart meter which will allow them to burn your house down.
24.) Check out Madonna new Satan song: Madonna, Quavo – Eurovision Song Contest 2019
25.) If you get sleep paralysis ask Jesus for help and instantly the devil off your back