Check these amazing ideas on how to decorate Barbie house! Every girl is crazy about her favorite doll and it’s so cool to make different accessories and furniture by your own hands. Most of these ideas require very few supplies that you might already have at home. Moreover, you will also enjoy making these crafts with your kids and create a whole new world for your Queen of dolls! Check out how to make different accessories from plastic bottles, toothbrush, balloons, old CDs and stationery! Here we have a lot of recycling ideas to boost your imagination.
You will learn how to make a broom from a toothbrush to keep Barbie house or a barbershop perfectly clean. Recycle a laundry detergent bottle to make a tub. Take a fabric of the color you like wrap kitchen sponges with it to make a stylish couch for the dollhouse. You can make a cute dresser out of matchboxes to store cute Barbie accessories and not to lose them around the house.
Do you want to change the hairstyle of your doll? We know the best ways to do it without any special skill. Watch our tutorial and find how to make colorful hairstyles using a color marker! You Barbie will be totally fabulous during the party. You just need to find a marker of the color you like. We love the purple color and you? Even if the barbie hair has damaged by bubble gum or something else, use yarn or macramé and the doll will look perfect again! Besides, you can choose any hair length you like.
You can make different outfits using simple disposable gloves: nightgowns and sports outfits.

00:33 a tub out of a detergent bottle
00:50 DIY furniture for the dollhouse
03:55 Party hairstyle
07:06 Use balloon to make a bag
08:59 Barbie suitcase
11:48 DIY Bicycle for a Barbie

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