3 Key Tips to Increase Club Head Speed

3 Key Tips to Increase Club Head Speed

If you want to finally learn to increase distance, you need to first learn how to generate power. How does the body work with the ground, how do you transfer energy into the club head, and how can this create more speed, power and distance?

In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb helps us understand how to actually create more power and distance by using the ground as a source of power, as well as swing thoughts in the backswing, downstroke and impact that tie it all together.

Nothing is more enjoyable than hitting a nice, long drive. It’s one of the reasons we play the game of golf.

That’s why it can be incredibly frustrating when you’re swinging out of your shoes and the ball isn’t going anywhere off the tee.

You bought the latest driver. You’re packing every swing with all the power you’ve got. And your buddies are still swinging it by you while you’re laid up on that par 5.

I am going to share three key tips that will get you out of this rut and on to the green in fewer strokes. All these tips help you increase club head speed by accomplishing one essential goal: using the ground to generate maximum power.

I will teach you how to manipulate your swing for maximum power:

on the backstroke
on the downstroke
at the moment of impact
Then, I’ll provide you with a drill that provides a practical strategy for making these concepts a natural part of your swing.

Some of these tips to increase distance may go against advice you’ve already been given. As a PGA golf instructor, I can assure you, when my students put these key ideas to work, they start killing it. They increase club head speed, and they start driving the golf ball farther than they ever have before.

Let’s get started.

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