5 Tips That Will Change Your Game in Rainbow Six Siege

5 Tips That Will Change Your Game in Rainbow Six Siege

Looking to take your game to the next level in Rainbow Six Siege? Well in this video I give you five game changing tips and tricks for Rainbow 6. I explain sequenced droning and how it can be used in a team to drone more efficiently in Rainbow 6 Siege. In addition to this I show you how you can safely enter buildings with Amaru and gain that early map control in R6. Overall these tips and tricks will help you to excel and improve more in Siege.

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Introduction: 0:05
Sequenced Droning: 0:30
Bandit Placements Matter: 2:30
Entering With Amaru: 3:00
Shotguns Are Viable: 3:45
Common Push Points: 4:12

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