ARK: Valguero Ep.45 – 🐉 ORIGIN WYVERN, EXPLORING THE GREAT TRENCH!!! (Modded Gameplay / Let’s Play)

ARK: Valguero Ep.45 – 🐉 ORIGIN WYVERN, EXPLORING THE GREAT TRENCH!!! (Modded Gameplay / Let’s Play)

ARK: Survival Evolved Valguero expansion map modded gameplay! ARK: Valguero is an expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved, an open-world dinosaurs survival game where you survive, build shelter, tame dinosaurs and even ride dinosaurs!
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Come explore a vast and diverse 63 km map with a multitude of new land to build on! Witness familiar ARK creatures in an expansive environment and meet, Deinonychus, ARK’s newest feathered theropod, found only in Valguero. Explore new heights and hidden depths; whether it’s creating your foundations in the White Cliffs or unearthing the secrets of the Aberration Trench, Valguero offers a new experience in the ARK universe. With new biomes, challenging dungeon bosses, and mysterious ruins to discover, there’s always something exciting — and dangerous — on Valguero. Among its more than 60 kilometers, you’ll find everything from lush jungles to environmental hazards, snowfields to lava flows, and savannahs to hot springs. Step into a brand new ARK experience where the classic ARK gameplay melds with a new adventure – Valguero!

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▶︎ ARK Valguero Mods Installed
Primal Fear

Primal Fear Boss Expansion

Primal Fear Scorched Earth Expansion

Primal Fear Aberration Expansion

Primal Fear Extinction Expansion

Pugnacia Dinos

Armoured Supply Drops



Accessories Plus

Ultra Stacks

Pet Finder

Awesome SpyGlass!

Upgrade Station

Structures Plus

Death Helper

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