Australias wettest rain gauge reading since March

Australias wettest rain gauge reading since March

Southerly winds – with gusts of 65 km/h and over 50 km/h from the Atlantic Ocean to the southern Indian Ocean – are continuing to feed into the region.

At the same time, rainfall totals have dropped as the monsoons intensify. At one point Wednesday afternoon, an unprecedented 50 cm of rain fell in a 24-hour period, and another 25 cm fell by the afternoon.

B마사지ut what makes matters worse, the rains have also caused floods in some areas, which also could hurt business.

But just전주출장마사지 like the summer of 2012-13, the country’s weather agency has warned that while heavy rainstorms may be to blame, there is a strong chance of severe storms as w출장ell.

According to the Weather Bureau, a strong “frost storm,” with a high probability of flash flooding, is expected to hit the region within the next 24 hours.

With files from The Canadian Press

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