Back To Target Golf Swing

Back To Target Golf Swing

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Back To Target Golf Swing

In this tip I explain the right way to turn your back to target in the golf swing.

When working on the golf swing and easy way to coil your body if by turning your back to the target. As easy as this sounds many people do it wrong.

If you do it wrong the problem is, you will not create the necessary torque your backswing and/or you may end up doing a reverse weight shift.

In order to learn the correct way to turn your back to the target you must do so around a solid base and you must allow the weight to load onto the back foot as you get to the top. Now that you are aware of the two things I can go wrong make sure you are checking them regularly.

Once you learn how to do this properly it really is an effective way to get your body turning the backswing. So please take a few minutes to watch this video and remember the two things that I talk about. Then do some practice swings at home trying to incorporate them into your golf swing.

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