Best Junior Golf Clubs: Complete List with Features & Details – 2019

Best Junior Golf Clubs: Complete List with Features & Details – 2019

Best Junior Golf Clubs: Complete List with Features & Details – 2019
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1. Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set Review
● US ► ◄
● IN ► ◄
● CA ► ◄
● UK ► ◄

– 17.5-Degree driver, 4/5 Hybrid iron, wide sole 7 and 9 irons
– Deluxe stand bag – featuring a 4-way top with a double carry strap
– Flexed appropriate a€” softer graphite shafts in all Woods

2. Powerbilt Junior Kids Golf Club Set Review
● US ► ◄
● CA ► ◄

– Right handed
– Ages 5-8 years old or between heights of 3’8″-4’4″
– 6-Piece set including bag

3. Golphin Kids 526 Golf Club Set Review
● US ► ◄
● IN ► ◄
● CA ► ◄
● UK ► ◄

– 22% lighter than other junior golf clubs
– 35% larger sweet spot for more great shots
– Built using aero-space alloy

4. Intech Future Tour Junior Golf Set Review
● US ► ◄
● IN ► ◄
● CA ► ◄
● UK ► ◄

– Fairway driver (35 inch )
– 5 iron (32 inch ), 9 iron (30 inch )
– Putter (27.5 inch ) and carry bag

5. Intech Flora Junior Girls Golf Club Review
● US ► ◄
● IN ► ◄
● CA ► ◄
● UK ► ◄

– Affordable starter golf set for girls
– Stainless oversized driver, offset 4/5 hybrid iron
– Wide sole 8 and PW iron, junior putter

6. Paragon Rising Star Kids Golf Clubs Set Review
● US ► ◄
● CA ► ◄

– Popular mallet style putter assures easy alignment
– Matching rainhood included
– Available in right-hand and left-hand

7. ProExl Best Sports Bracelete Review
● US ► ◄
● IN ► ◄

– Driver 16 degree 39.0 inch
– Fairway wood 23 degree 37.0 inch
– Hybrid 27 degree 35.0 inch

8. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set Review
● US ► ◄
● CA ► ◄
● UK ► ◄

– Ages 4-7 Club Lengths: Driver/fairway wood with extra loft
– For Boys & Girls between 8-13 years of age
– Stand bag with double shoulder strap, 4 way divider, 4 exterior pockets

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