Brooklyn John from Teaches You How to Make a Military Buckle Webbing Belt

Brooklyn John from Teaches You How to Make a Military Buckle Webbing Belt

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Did you recently order a belt and it showed up without the buckle attached? Have an old favorite belt that the buckle has come loose from? Brooklyn John from Strapworks has you covered in this informative video about how to fashion a military buckle belt with webbing tip.

There are two main styles of military buckles: slide lock or flip top. In this video, we will be using a black anodized military flip top-style belt buckle with a matching webbing tip.

First, measure your waistline at the point where you intend the belt to sit. Add 6 inches to this measurement – this will be the length of webbing that you’ll need to purchase to make your belt.

Take one of the ends of the webbing and insert it through the clasp that has the teeth on the underside of the buckle; make sure you slide the webbing through straight and not at an angle. Once the end has been fed through, clamp the flap down onto the webbing. Congratulations! You’ve attached the buckle portion of your military style belt buckle.

Next, let’s grab the webbing tip that we mentioned earlier. You’ll want to center the webbing tip onto the end of the strap and then firmly clamp it down by hand. Once the webbing tip is secure, lay the webbing tip-end of the belt between two folds of a towel so that there is cushioning both above and below. With a rubber mallet, gently yet firmly tap on the webbing tip through the towel until it is firmly clamped down on the end of the strap.

Put the belt around your waist, open the buckle, slide the webbing tip through until you’ve reached the desired tautness, and voila! Well done – you’ve officially made yourself a military buckle belt.

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