Buying Golf Clubs on My Motorcycle!

Buying Golf Clubs on My Motorcycle!

I decided to go find out how many golf clubs I could buy and carry with me on my motorcycle. On top of that, I wanted to see how cheap I could get them at Goodwill!

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Buying golf clubs on my motorcycle really wasn’t too difficult. I went to a few Goodwill stores to see how cheap I could buy golf clubs for. All on my motorcycle. Honestly it sounds worse than it was. Carrying golf clubs on my motorcycle wasn’t even a challenge really. I only ended up finding one club worth buying. A putter. After we went searching on my motorcycle for the best and cheapest golf clubs to buy, I stopped at a golf course right around the corner to get some golf practice in. I’m no good at putting right now anyway, so it was perfect I found a putter. I rode on my motorcycle over the the golf course with my new golf clubs, well my new putter, and got some practice in. I plan on carrying a whole set of golf clubs on my motorcycle for a video soon! Make sure to subscribe for more biker videos like that to come! You don’t want to miss out.
And for anyone wondering, or for anybody that wasn’t paying full attention, I am shopping at Goodwill in this video. Shopping for golf clubs at Goodwill is fun because you can find golf clubs for super cheap. And a lot of times they are still are in good condition! Shopping at Goodwill is the way to go if you are trying to save money! Enjoy the video!
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