Can You Have Too Much Lag in Your Golf Swing?

Can You Have Too Much Lag in Your Golf Swing?

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Do You have Too Much Lag?? Easy Test

In this lesson discusses how to identify if you have too much lag in your golf swing and how to actually get less lag. Getting too much lag can cause problems, we are going to show you what can make you get too much lag and how to identify when you have too much lag in your swing.

In the past, we’ve worked a lot with getting leverage and creating an angle of lag so that it can be release to create club head speed as well as a nice downward consistent strike on the golf ball. However, while doing this it can be over done. Just like any motion of the golf swing, it can be over done.

In this lesson, will discuss how to get the right lag for your golf swing. We have also attached a link and short preview of our premium video “5 Minute Perfect Release” at the end of this video. Catch the Full video on our website, Good luck on your golf game!

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“Do You have Too Much Lag?? Easy Test”

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