Clarke wins wisden award

Clarke wins wisden award. He tells us who he thought of as the next president, while he continues to argue that he’s not interested in running for a US Senate seat:

As with most political figures, the media likes to compare Hillary Clinton to Ronald Reagan. But her most recent running mate on the Republican side, Mike Pence, is far more Reagan than Reagan, with George W. Bush’s more moderate ideology still dominating.

On the left is a person named Julian Zelizer, who also lives in Seattle. He’s a conservative writer for Slate who once wrote a piece about what it would look like if “liberal democracy” collapsed and everyone who was not Hillary Clinton’s daughter and husband was thrown into the gulag.

So Zelizer has called Clinton a “corporate socialist.” And there’s a lot more detail in the Washington Post article than I’ll show here:

According to a review of the evidence by this writer of the documents007 카지노 and transcripts of Clinton’s private speeches to corporate executives and political appointees, Clinton has, indeed, endorsed a program that makes it easier for companies to skirt restrictions on paying taxes or giving bonuses to executives in order to benefit their bottom line.

This is what passes for a policy proposal to a Republican presidential candidate today. A plan to “encourage mergers between companies with substantial public sector labor union clout and those with less.”

In other words, if an existing business was already too powerful to let it stay in its current place, then Clinton’s plan would encourage it to be bigger and better, and then sell that new corporate form to the public at large.

This is a plan that the Washington Post’s John Solomon described in 2011 as being “simply a new form of free trade.” But here’s the part that struck me the most on reading through the transcript of these speeches:

ZELIZER: I was quite interested. In fact, when this was said, one of the great concerns of the Clintons is that the president of the United States might say that this was such a good idea that it should be done… ZESOLIZER: … or perhaps that some other group or some ot포커her organization, perhaps some other business might object to it because they could see they were being treated unfairly. It’s not a fair system. You might also say that perhaps a certai코인 카지노n portion of corporate executives may feel they would not get the compensation that they would be entitled to in the past. They could say we’re just doing what’s right for the business