Cobb Accessport FAQ – All Things Answered!

Cobb Accessport FAQ – All Things Answered!

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Basic Qs
1:40 Will the Accessport void my warranty?
3:06 Do I have to keep my Accessport plugged in all the time?
4:01 Can I use the Accessport on multiple vehicles?

Tune Qs
5:01 Will the Accessport / tunes change my MPGs?
5:54 Can I tune a leased vehicle?
6:42 Will a tune effect the longevity or reliability of my vehicle?
8:18 If I buy and Accessport from MAPerformance do I get Cobb’s MAPs as well?
9:34 Can you reverse the tune?
10:08 Do MAPerformance tunes work with non USDM spec cars?
10:52 How do i get my tune from MAPerformance and how long does it take?
12:15 What if I already have an Accessport can I get a MAPerformance tune?
12:57 When would you recommend flashing a new car?
13:53 Do you have 95/98 octane tunes?

14:37 What gauges should I monitor
15:30 How do I change my gauges
16:30 How do I monitor these parameters and what do they mean?
16:48 Boost
18:13 DAM
20:02 Feedback Knock
21:20 Fine Knock Learn
22:12 Air Fuel Ratio
23:02 Injector Duty Cycle
23:49 How do I data log?
26:29 How do I set up Cobb custom features like launch control / flat foot shifting?
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