Curing ‘The Shank!’ #PracticeWithPurpose | Your 2020 Golf season starts right now!

Curing ‘The Shank!’ #PracticeWithPurpose | Your 2020 Golf season starts right now!

#PracticeWithPurpose with 3 Hammers Golf Academy Director Rob Bluck & Senior Instructor Steve Thomas this winter. A video series which will help you with your practice throughout the winter months.

This episodes topic ‘ Curing The Dreaded Shank!’

It is one of the most frustrating things in golf! You are there, settling into your perfect position, you feel good, relaxed, you line up to take your shot, start your back swing, full concentration and swing down to meet the ball and then…. off it goes, curving out to the left, curving out to the right! You watch your ball in disbelief as it tracks off course! We have all been there!

Rob talks through why this happens and invites you to try techniques that the 3 Hammers golf professionals use here regularly with their clients.

At 3 Hammers Golf Complex & Academy your golf need never stop! With indoor golf facilities and a state of the art heated driving range there is no need to put the clubs away until next summer.

#PracticeWithPurpose #2020StartsHere

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3 Hammers Golf Complex is everything you need under one roof for your golf practice 365 days of the year.
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