DGTV Drivers Buyers Guide – Low Handicap

DGTV Drivers Buyers Guide – Low Handicap

If you are reading this section then congratulations, you have already managed to master many of the driving demons, but improvements can always be made!

Fine tuning your driver can pay hefty dividends by putting you in exactly the right place on the fairway, setting up a much easier approach and that all important birdie chance.

As a low handicap golfer you will already be consistent but the secret to improving your performance even further lies in the small details. Many manufactures produce ‘Tour’ or ‘Tour Preferred’ models, which have been extensively tested by the professionals and are used every week to earn them a living. These clubs do sacrifice forgiveness but what they do deliver is increased workability, a more penetrating ball flight and uprated shafts, therefore making it much easier to work a gentle fade round a dogleg or fire a low drive into a strong wind.

The engine of your driver is it’s shaft and a wide variety of versions are now available which can be fitted to virtually any club. So if you find a driver that looks and feels just right but would like a lower/higher ball flight, a different shaft can be installed to alter the way it performs.

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