Difference Between Breaking 80 and Breaking 90 – Where Can We Slash Strokes?

Difference Between Breaking 80 and Breaking 90 – Where Can We Slash Strokes?


During this round, JMac joins me for 9 holes on our first day at Els Club, neither of us had played the course before. What’s the difference between a 90 breaker and an 80 breaker and how can you go from a Break 90 to a Break 80 golfer?

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What’s the difference between a mid/high handicapper and a low handicapper?

I think the differences are mainly around the green. JMac can hit a good ball.
He could probably improve that driver to become more reliable and thereby hit lower irons into the greens. His putting has improved by he still has the occasional three-putt which hurts him badly.

Getting up and down from areas that are easier for you makes the golf game a lot easier. I mean, short siding yourslf behind a bunker onto a tight pin is not going to yield good results.

You always want to play for your shot shape so that a straight shot leaves you a decent up and down chance. Three-stabs and easier chips would be helpful.

Of course, hitting approaches closer would be the most ideal which would entail having more accurate mid irons and also getting within short iron range. But how do we do that without some pro help or a LOT of practice? I say start at the green, learn that short game like a baus and you’ll get s close to 80, it will make your head spin.

To shave off the final strokes, some lessons to hit a longer club will make all the diffrence. JMac is a great playa and I see him breaking 80 in the future. LIKE A BAUS.

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