DJI MAVIC 2: How Active Track 2.0 Really Works // Sports Review

DJI MAVIC 2: How Active Track 2.0 Really Works // Sports Review

Here’s all the details on how Active Track 2.0 really works on the new DJI Mavic 2 (Pro and Zoom models). Does it finally follow properly? And did you know the WiFi/Phone option is now gone? Also, what features are missing or better compared to the Spark, Mavic Air and Mavic Pro? I dive into all the details with multiple test runs in full 4K footage with shots from both the Zoom and Pro/Hassleblad models (most shots are with the Zoom variant).

I cover all the details of how Active Track 2.0 has changed, including the new higher speed limits, 3D mapping using imaging sensors, and much more.

Everything in this video from the air is shot with a Mavic 2 Zoom or Mavic 2 Pro in 4K/30FPS (normal picture profile, no grading/post-production editing). It was uploaded as a FCP-X ProRes export in 4K to YouTube. Ground-camera shots are from the DSLR camera listed below.

Mavic 2:

Note: None of this video is sponsored or paid for in any way.

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