Dog meat festival bites the dust

Dog meat festival bites the dust

In a series of photos from 2012 that were published in the New Yorker in 2015, a group of young meat eaters show off their appetite for beef jerky.

All of this meat was donated by a friend and the group took turns eating it after lunch.

“We’ve been here a little bit for the first time and I can see that this is kind of a big deal to us,” one young man says, pulling out a piece룰렛 of meat and eating it out of hand. “We’ll see how it goes.”

It’s not the first time that meat jerky has hit the scene. Back in 2005, a group of young men named the Meat Jerks in the Park마이다스 카지노 began selling their homemade jerky to kids and teens at the park. They took pictures of a young boy eating a large piece of meat, sharing the video on Reddit and the internet for years.

Image copyr양산출장안마ight Getty Images Image caption The Meat Jerks in the Park is a popular food and drink event at Coney Island in New York

The jerky has since been banned in many other restaurants because of the safety concerns associated with its meat content.