Driver EVERY hole – How to Break Par and GoLo – Clarens Golf Estate

Driver EVERY hole – How to Break Par and GoLo – Clarens Golf Estate

Here is how you break par like a boss. Playas, if you don’t like rock music, if you don’t like it loud, if you don’t like high bombs, if you are easily scared by back-breaking swing moves, this video is not for you.

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I made it my mission to break par on the back nine of Clarens Golf Estate.

My main mission was to continue the Aggressive golf from the previous nine. I was level par with the aggressive play but this time, I wanted to go full aggressive. Driver every tee and go at the greens on short par 4’s.

Par 5’s must be reached in two. Par 3’s must be attacked! I need to drop some putts and I need to remain cool if I make birdies.

What I learned is that you have to stop caring, and let it go. You cannot score low if you are holding onto demons. You have to let go of the result of a shot and remove all the fear.

The fear is what keeps you holding onto a shot. It keeps you from dropping high bombs. It tenses your body. It makes you yip, slip and dip your shots.

But for this 9, I let go of all life’s tensions, all my fears, all my worries and I just pounded the ball like a beast. I did not do it in the safest way. I mean my back was pretty sore after this, but it got done. I enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy the birdie extravanganza and the EXCELLENT music. Turn it up to 11!

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