Economy blamed for loss of call centre jobs

Economy blamed for loss of call centre jobs

Puigdemont said he was not surprised that his own government was having difficulties attracting call centre jobs from outside Spain.

“We are seeing the economic crisis in Europe, and it is causing a lack of competitiveness,” he said. “The economic situation was not good under the previous administratioCDC 철도청 카지노ns in Madrid and Valencia. People are not being prepared to take risks because it is not going to happen again in Spain. We are not going to leave these people out of the economy, they will have to learn to adapt to the new reality.”

He warned that the EU would find it difficult to support Spain in its difficult economic position.

“Thi오바마카지노s cannot happen… we cannot provide jobs for all, we cannot provide investment for every job. We cannot be the Europe of jobs for everybody. We must build bridges, not walls,” he said.

Puigdemont said Catalonia would soon be forced to take its own action, and바카라 suggested that even if he remained in office, he might do his best not to provoke a secession crisis.

“My approach towards the Spanish government and to Spain and to all of the politicians should be pragmatic. We should all try to negotiate, to compromise, to get closer to each other, to find our way,” he said. “We are going to have to work together.”