etrailer | EcoHitch Stealth Trailer Hitch Installation – 2019 Tesla Model 3

etrailer | EcoHitch Stealth Trailer Hitch Installation – 2019 Tesla Model 3

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Full transcript:
Shane: Hi, I’m Shane with Today I’m going to walk you through the installation on the Torklift EcoHitch stealth trailer hitch receiver on your 2019 Tesla Model 3. Adding a hitch to your vehicle, it is going to give you a lot of benefits. Maybe you want to put a cargo carrier on here because you’re going to take some stuff from inside, put it outside to make more room for your passengers. Maybe you want to put a bike rack on so you don’t have to try to load the bikes inside the car. Maybe you want to tow a small trailer.

The hitch is going to allow you to do all those things. Now the thing to keep in mind, if you’re trying to decide between a hitch or a roof rack, keep in mind putting a roof rack on, you’re going to have to lift the bikes up to put them on the roof.Or maybe you’re putting a cargo carrier up there, you’re going to have to lift everything and put it in the cargo carrier. With the hitch, it’s going to make a lot easier to load all those things into either your cargo carrier or your bike rack. One of the defining aspects of a Tesla is the aerodynamics, the sleek look of it. The nice thing about the Torklift EcoHitch is the receiver tube is removable.

So once you remove it, you put your panel back in place and you get that sleek aerodynamic look back.You’re going to have a bolt right here that holds the receiver tube in. Then it takes a 15/16″ socket. You slide it out, reinstall your panel again, you have that nice sleek aerodynamic look again. One thing to keep in mind is this can be a little bit difficult to take it in and out all the time, because this bolt does have to be torqued down each time you put it back in place. So you just want to make sure that when you install it you’re going to be using it for awhile.

When you take it out, you’re going to leave it out for a while. And then install it, you’re just going to reverse what you did. Slide your receiver tube back up inside. Line up the holes and reinstall your bolt.This hitch is going to be an alloy construction with recycled steel, stainless steel and aluminum. So it’s really going to hold up well against rust corrosion.

It’s going to have a nice black powder coat finish, so the hitch is going to stay looking very nice for a long time.It’s going to have a two inch by two inch receiver tube opening reinforced collar, give us a little extra stability there. Hitch pin holes is going to be 5/8 inch in diameter. It takes a standard 5/8 hitch pin. Hitch pin and clip does not come with this hitch. However, they can be found here at The safety chain loops are going to be up behind the fascia here. You can see they’re plates style, not very large opening, so some of your bigger safety chain hooks may not work in these.Now as far as our weight ratings go, we’re going to have a 200 pound max tongue weight, which is a downward pressure on the inside of the receiver tube. So whether you’re putting the bike rack on, your cargo carrier and make sure you’re not exceeding that downward pressure. We’re going to have a 2000 pound gross trailer weight, which is the trailer plus the load included. That’s how much the hitch can pull. Keep in mind the Tesla does not have a tow rating, so you want to contact the manufacturer for the Tesla to make sure the vehicle can handle whatever it is that you’re hauling.As far as our measurements go, from the center of our hitch pin hole to the outermost part of the bumper, it’s going to be about four inches. That number is important for any of your hitch mount accessories like your cargo carriers or bike racks that may fold up against the vehicle. You want to make sure they’re not going to make contact. From the ground, to the top innermost part of the receiver tube, is going to be about 10 inches. That number’s important for any of your hitch mount accessories that may require a little bit more ground clearance. Keep in mind with this only being 10 inches, I will recommend getting a raised shank.Some of the reviews have asked if we have locking pins for these. The answer is no, and you don’t really need one because if you notice where the bolt is, it’s hidden behind the fascia. Once it’s torqued down, unless you know this receiver tube is removable, somebody is not going to just come up and try to take this off. It’s gonna take them a little while. Plus who’s going to carry a 15/16″ socket in their pocket.For those of you who may be a little b