Euro Odds For This Season

The Euro Odds gives you a glimpse of the teams that you should be betting on for this year’s European Footballing Championship. Most of you who follow the EFL will know that there are a lot of favorites in this year’s tournament. Only one team from Europe has an overall better record than Portugal and they are favored by many to win the trophy. Portugal also have the highest rating of any team in the competition. I feel that there are a lot of people who do not realize that Portugal is actually one of the best teams at this year’s tournament. There are a lot of European football fans who will pick their favorite team to win the competition and I would encourage you to take a look at the euro soccer odds below to see who is going to win at this year’s tournament.

This is one team that I think has a good chance of winning the cup as they have looked good lately especially in friendlies. Portugal have a lot of stars including Portugal forward, Ronaldo, Portugal defenders, Benfica forwards and much more. Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be the best soccer player in the world at the moment and he has proven it with some outstanding displays in the World Cup. Ronaldo has scored plenty of goals for Portugal and he will hope to lead his team to yet another European finals. With so many good players at the club, do you think that Portugal can win the euro soccer odds next year?

Another team to consider is Switzerland. They have a very good coach in Laurent Blanc and the Swiss team is very well balanced both on offense and defense. They also play very good soccer and are favorites to win the euro oddities. The national stadium in Zurich is the largest in Europe and it has a capacity of more than 90 thousand spectators for the games. The Swiss have had some trouble winning the previous two tournaments and are not favorites to win this time either. This is just one of those games that are going to be hard to call and like the USA, it looks like it could go to either Italy or Germany.

There are a number of other teams to consider for the euro oddities. I will give you a couple of them now and then later when I get to them. Spain is a team that features a few stars, both big stars like Spain Real Madrid forward, Bale and former Barcelona forward, Figueres. Another star is Borini who plays for AC Milan. Also in the Spain team is deleted player, Alves. He plays for PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands and has impressed in the league.

Great Britain has two teams in the euro oddities. One is Great Britain and the other is Slovenia. Both of these teams have had some trouble in the group stages but this could easily change once they get into the group stages. It will be interesting to see how either team fares once they start playing against some of the more established teams.

This is the euro oddities as it is. I am sure there are many more as there are so many countries that feature in the tournament. One thing that I love is that this is not just a football tournament but a European football tournament and the results mean everything. If you are going to bet and win, then your team of choice needs to have a good euro oddities team rating.