Expanding Distance with Your Irons

Expanding Distance with Your Irons



When an instructor starts talking about how to increase the distance of iron shots, players give their undivided attention to these words.

With many pros ripping shots down fairways at nearly 200 mph, without question golfers are going to seek out the mechanics behind such shots and try to apply these principles to their own golf swings.

Distance serves as an advantage in every element of golf, not just when teeing off and driving your ball.

When players are able to consistently add more distance to their irons, they have an incredible advantage over any golfer who has yet to optimize their swings to such a degree.

In addition to the hours of George Gankas golf videos devoted to driving the ball, Gankas has developed several proven strategies for adding distance to your irons.

With a growing community of golfers crediting the GG Swing Method to their expanded success in the game, George Gankas golf lessons have become canon for players spanning the entire globe.

Gankas understands the importance of training players to optimize each club in their bag, especially in regards to expanding the existing distance they’re able to already deliver from each club.

Adding distance to your irons will make golf much more enjoyable, but if you’re still missing the mark with your irons, expect a little frustration while working to expand your abilities.

Golfers are interested in delivering the same caliber shots that they see each weekend during the pro tours.

While you may not be ready for the big leagues, there are still easy adjustments that can be made to your existing irons swing that can expand distance, while optimizing the effectiveness of your existing strategy.

Often players will find that they simply are not adding enough lag to their downswing.

Developed by maintaining the angle found in your arms opposite the club’s shaft until impact, many players are not conscience of this crucial component of their irons.

Even more common that issues with poorly composed downswing lag, the main culprit behind iron shots falling shorts are slices.

While specifically caused by our clubface being open or turned toward our lead side during impact, slices can also occur when a player has poorly composed positioning in their wrists or weaker grips on their iron.

Most habitual slicers will first make adjustments to their grip to combat such flawed shots, typically adopting a draw styled grip in the process.

Rotating their hands away from their target during address, these slice plagued players have effectively strengthened their grip, influencing their clubface to remain closed to the swing path of their shot throughout the entire process, even during impact.

Golfers are able to add distance to their existing iron shots by adding flexion to their lead wrist in their backswing and the downswing transition.

Adding this flexion to our lead wrist while using irons will establish expanded control in our clubface, create a reduction in the spin loft of the ball and ultimately add more distance to our irons.

Creating additional distance in iron shots can be a daunting task for many novice golfers or players who have been plagued with habitual slicing, but through targeted practice, you will begin to understand how the small details associated with your golf swing have much more bearing than you have ever imagined.

A simple way to add distance to your irons immediately can be better understood through the following drill.

Golfers must address the golf ball as they always do, creating their typical backswing while freezing their positioning at the top.

With your lead foot raised above the ground 2 or 3 inches, players can begin to establish expanded rotation in their hips while redistributing their body weight to their trail foot.

Such drills are geared towards building more upper body rotation throughout your swing, which delivers deeper shots with irons.


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