Feedback sought on water management plan (WMPS)

Feedback sought on water management plan (WMPS)

The Government will announce today an action plan to ensure water quality management in England by the end of the year – following complaints about the quality of water that has been flowing into and out of the Thames.

The plans, published by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) officials, includes:

providing guidance on whether the current water supply for Thames Valley, West and Central Gloucestershire (the “TVV”) is suitable for people to drink

establishing a “Water Quality” Working Group which will identify the best water quality management practices in the Thames Valley, West and Central Gloucestershire to improve water quality and deliver drinking water.

They propose three key actions to help achieve the planned target of 100mMWh/year from 2015 – as well as to protect vulnerable places, such as those living in homes that were built and supplied with water. The action plans will deliver water quality and clean water targets in Thames Valley, West and Central Gloucestershire between 2015-16 and 2020-21 and will address concerns about water safety and quality. The plans will provide details of how these measures will be supported by local authorities, providers, authorities, voluntary organisations and consumers.

The plans include the following:

a national programme for reducing pollution of the Thames Valle가평출장샵 가평안마y, West and Central Gloucestershire waters by increasing the u서산출장마사지se of new clean water technologies to manage pollutants.

a programme to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution in the water supply by using more carbon-neutral water to reduce ammonia and nitrous oxide

a programme to improve monitoring of water quality by providing a greater awareness of the levels of toxic chemicals and contaminants in water and improving training for water managers in areas where drinking water quality will be affected in the future.

Defra will meet its target of 100mMWh from 2015 for Thames Valley and West and Central Gloucestershire, and to 80mMWh in 2020-21.

Water Quality Working Group – consultation

The plans include a working group to establish a working group to support local authorities, service users and consumers to understand their water quality and how to meet their water safety 카지노and quality targets.

There will be a consultation on the plans to identify groups of people, who will share information about and share a variety of information to help establish what the goals of the plans are and what to do about any potential difficulties they may encounter.

A number of public groups, including ThamesWate