Fieldsports Britain – We try to destroy €1000 binoculars

Fieldsports Britain – We try to destroy €1000 binoculars

Hunting and shooting in this week’s show – we are out after foxes on a golf course and we are testing a pair of Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42s to destruction. Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam travels to Germany where he drops, dangles, drags, throws, shoots and eventually blows up the binos to see if they can take a lifetime of abuse crammed into three days.

We are auctioning the binos on eBay in aid of Safari Club International. All money we raise by your generous bidding will go to SCI’s work with the World Forum on Shooting Sports, WFSA. For the eBay listing, visit

Then it’s Caddyshack all over again, with Roy Lupton in the role made famous by Bill Murray. He has a job hunting down foxes on a golf course. It’s the latest in our series OutFoxing.

That’s not all – there’s News Stump about the RSPCA, an archbishop, two mayors and a fish, and we have ‘Hallo Charlie!’ and Hunting YouTube. Another packed programme.

Here are the links:
Bino’s Test

Hunting YouTube:
Chris Westley
Gamekeeper John

Here are the links to the kit used in Outfoxing:
Nightmaster 800-IR

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