First look: New Cleveland Launcher woods and irons

First look: New Cleveland Launcher woods and irons

Cleveland Golf have today introduced their new Launcher woods and irons range that help avid golfers experience faster ball speeds, more distance and added control.

Specifically designed for dedicated golfers who prefer forgiving clubs that launch the ball high and straight, Cleveland’s new woods and irons will launch in the UK & Ireland on September 15th, 2017.

Just a week after launching their all new CBX wedges, Cleveland continue to innovate.

Launcher HB woods

The first thing I noticed when hitting the new Launcher HB driver was the trajectory of the ball. Cleveland say that this is their longest and most forgiving driver to date and after a few hits it was hard to disagree.

The launcher cup face technology helps increase that forgiveness on off centre hits by creating a larger sweet spot, and its lightweight hosel design helps to push the weight lower and deeper in the club.

The Flex-Fin technology acts as a spring on low centre strikes, meaning even lower the centre hits will still result in good distance.

Cleveland stress that these woods have been specifically designed for golfers who aren’t looking to shape the ball and look for different shots off the tee. This is for golfers who want to hit it high and straight every time.

Launcher HB Driver Price:

£279 / €325 SRP
Launcher HB Fairway Woods Price:

£200 / €230 SRP
Launcher HB Hybrids Price:

£179 / €205 SRP

Launcher CBX irons
My first impression of the new CBX irons was the instant wow factor from the design of the clubs. They have brilliant shelf appeal and for the typical club golfer these irons tick all the right boxes.

Like the Launcher HB woods these irons have been specifically designed for golfers who are looking for increased forgiveness and control.

The shorter irons are more compact, have less offset and a thinner top line, in contrast the longer irons have a longer blade length, more offset and a thicker top line.

Through feel balance technology the weight from the hosel has been moved closer to the centre of the club to better align the sweet spot with the impact pattern. This reduces rotation at impact, gives you a softer feel and helps increase ball speed.

In the longer irons you have a new cup face design that helps increase ball speed and distance. Th progressive V sole design improves feel and overall performance by maintaining speed through the turf without digging in at impact.

One of the main design features of these irons though is the spin technology. The Launcher CBX face is designed to minimize spin drop-off when going from fairway to rough condition.

The iron grooves are identical to that of the RTX-3 and CBX wedge grooves, resulting in much more control from various lies and improving distance control.

Launcher CBX Irons Price:

Men’s Steel Set (5-PW): £570 / €660 SRP (single iron: £95 / €110 SRP)
Men’s Graphite Set (5-PW): £648 / €750 SRP (single iron: £108 / €125 SRP)
Women’s Graphite Set (5-PW): £648 / €750 SRP (single iron: £108 / €125 SRP)
Launcher HB irons
If it’s ultra forgiveness you are after in a set of irons then the Launcher HB irons that Cleveland are offering should be right up your street.

These hollow construction irons offer even more forgiveness than a cavity back iron with its ultra thin flex face which allows for more weight to be distributed further back and lower in the club.

Cleveland have really pushed all the boundaries with these irons to really appeal to those higher handicap golfers.

The long irons are more hybrid shaped to give a feeling and shape of better forgiveness, whereas the shorter irons are more iron-like shaped to promote the feeling of better control.

Cleveland say that regardless of the strike location you will see the same results from across the whole face due to the hollow construction design.

Launcher HB Irons Price:

Men’s Steel Set (5-PW): £570 / €660 SRP (single iron: £95 / €110 SRP)
Men’s Graphite Set (5-PW): £648 / €750 SRP (single iron: £108 / €125 SRP)
Women’s Graphite Set (5-PW): £648 / €750 SRP (single iron: £108 / €125 SRP)

To conclude
What Cleveland have done here is appeal massively to the typical golfer who simply wants to hit the ball straight, have more control and improve their distance.

The Launcher range offers that in abundance with its slick technological design features.

At a very generous price point the Launcher range will no doubt be a big hit when they are made available. I would certainly advise the mid to high handicap golfers to give these a try and see how you get on.

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