Frogg Toggs® All Sport Rain Suit Review

Frogg Toggs® All Sport Rain Suit Review

These are the Frogg Toggs All Sports Rain Suit that I wear on my pool route to stay dry on rainy service days. The Frogg Toggs are a great way to stay dry and warm when you are out doing any activity in the rain. If you are looking for a good set of rain gear the Al Sport Rain Suit is a great choice.

I will start with the only drawback, there are no pockets. A bit of an inconvenience but not a deal breaker.

The good points are that the material is 100% water proof and will keep you dry and warm all day. This is a very light weight suit so you can work, hike, fish or do just about anything in them.

They are sized to fit over your clothes so if you wear medium clothes order a size medium otherwise they will be too large.

I worked in them all day long and the pants hold up really well. I wear kneepads on them as I am kneeing down a lot all day and the material is thin so the kneepads prevent damage. As far as the seams, the pants have not ripped on me.

This particular version of the Frogg Toggs is more of a deluxe version. The pants are elastic but adjustable, the bottom of the pants have a Velcro strap to tie down to your boots and the jacket hood can be pulled in tight over your head. Some of the lower priced Frogg Toggs lack these features so chose your suit accordingly.

All in all a great set of rain gear and one I would recommend.

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