George Gankas Putting Tips – Consistent Speed and Reads

George Gankas Putting Tips – Consistent Speed and Reads


One of the most difficult things any player will encounter in their short game revolves around getting the ball on line in the event of a breaking putt.

Working through breaking putts can be very challenging for golfers of all skill sets, but there are a variety of methods that players can use to pull off a great putt even on a break.

George Gankas golf lessons have captivated the minds of golfers from around the world, leading to countless players sharing their success stories after adopting the GG Swing Method.

Known for his ability to expand the depth, speed and accuracy of a player’s golf swing, George Gankas golf instruction also focuses heavily on short game and putting tips, which are very crucial to the game of the average player applying the principles of the GG Swing Method.

In this lesson, Gankas provides putting tips regarding breaking putts, building consistent reads, and properly situating the eye line when lining up your putt shots.

Most golfers erroneously direct their attention to sinking the hole rather than putting their golf ball onto the correct route to use the break to their advantage on the shot.

While approaching the green, players must start to get a read on the hole, determined by the curve of the turf immediately around the hole.

Failing to get an early read on a breaking putt will often catch the player off guard, disrupting their mental game plan for the shot, and most likely lead to a missed putt, which will undoubtedly cause huge frustrations for the player.

Golfers must also determine if their shot will encounter an uphill break or downhill break over the course of the putt.

Being mindful that putting on a downhill break reacts like fast greens and an uphill breaking putt will feel like slow greens, players will be able to adapt their putts for these very different golf course conditions.

Achieving the ideal speed for either situation will require a clear read on the curves of the turf, with uphill breaking putts require a stronger hit, as the gravitational force will fight to pull the ball downhill as the player putts on the uphill break.

While putting on a downhill break, players will notice more pull in their shots due to the fact that they are traveling at a considerably slower pace than putts taken on an uphill breaking angle.

Even if you aren’t realizing it while your putt, either your left or right hand takes the dominant position, and finding out which one dominates your putting may be a surprise for many players.

In order to determine if your right hand dominant or left hand dominant during your putting stroke, there are several checkpoints to examine that will easily give you the answer.

Players will often examine the position of the clubhead in relation to squaring up with ball and target line, making a note of the location struck by the clubface on the golf ball with the putter at impact.

Equally as important, many golfers will also examine what part of their golf ball the putter strikes as it relates to the equator.

Another easy tell as to which hand dominates our putting stroke reveals itself in the way our putter head travels through to the impact area of our swing.

Many right handed golfers will be surprised to find that putting left hand dominant may be the answer to the difficulties they encounter when on the green.


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