GG’s Simple Putting Tips – How To Putt On Target

GG’s Simple Putting Tips – How To Putt On Target


Serving as the lifeblood to any skilled golfer, the ability to perform consistently while putting proves to be an invaluable technique to 95% of players in the sport.

As most scores are determined by how well a player performs in their short game, developing a sound strategy for putting should be at the top of the list for anyone interested in learning the game or who has frustrated themselves to the brink of giving up on golf.

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Developing a consistent strategy to aim our putter proves to be one of the hardest things for novice golfers and frustrated vets.

Missing putts has an obvious impact on a golfer’s handicap, while adding a huge level of stress to a game that in most cases serves as a calming, fun experience for players who have developed consistent skills.

Every golfer must develop a strategy for their short game, which includes adapting a clear strategy to successfully aim and sink putts at will on a consistent basis.

Once developed, our muscle memory will make such putts second nature, becoming a natural motion in our bodies rather than a series of movements that needs to be memorized and repeated at each hole.

Ensuring that the face of your putter aligns to the target line proves to be the most important element of developing your putting strategy.

Players that habitually miss their putts are most likely making adjustments on the fly while putting, causing many to go several strokes over par on nearly each hole that they play.

Aiming the putter correctly doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your entire game and there are many swing aids already built in modern putters that can make an immediate impact on how precise your putts are in relation to the hole.

While the alignment aids affixed to modern putters are great to get started in the right direction (pun intended), a player must still familiarize themselves with methods that will ensure their putt remains on target.

The first thing all golfers must do to ensure accuracy while putting involves reading the speed and curve of their putt when on uneven putting greens.

As putting in a straight line on level greens obviously proves to be much easier, players are better suited to train for challenging lies rather than the ideal putting situation that doesn’t always present itself in actual course play.

For putts that include curves and uneven lies, players must find the apex of the curve and aim for this point as their intended target.

Utilizing the alignment aids already affixed on your putter or by choosing a different marker on the club, players must ensure that this aid aims precisely at the intended target of their putt.

Making this setup a consistent routine for each putt taken will ultimately ingrain the methods into your muscle memory and overall approach to golfing.

Often an afterthought, many players fail to realize that each time they adjust the positioning of their eyes, the target line adjusts as well.

Changing the perspective of our target line during putts can often fool the player into believing they’ve aligned to the target perfectly straight, while they may in fact be veering far off target in any direction.

Most experienced players are adamant proponents getting their target line parallel to their eye line, which will most likely provide the most correct perspective attainable while putting and lead to the most successful putts.


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