Golf Course Management Strategy – How to Avoid the Short Side and WIN BIG

Golf Course Management Strategy – How to Avoid the Short Side and WIN BIG

Part 1

Playas, it’s time to stop short siding yourself by selecting the spots you attack and easing off on the holes you can’t attack. Put that ego in the pocket and understand this important concept:

PROS MAKE MOSTLY PARS. YOU! Yes you, and me, we see them firing at pins all over because we get the 6 hole highlight reel where they’ve selected those holes to attack. The other 12 we don’t see where they make boring par after boring par.

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Why is it then that we think we can shoot for birdies on EVERY SINGLE HOLE?!?!?! Always remember that PAR IS NEVER A BAD SCORE EVER. A double and triple when you’re center of the fairway? That’s crap.

Stay tuned to the end of the video for some quick lessons and tips and ideas. You really can slash your score by 10 shots by playing a bit safer, planning the hole and just hitting the simplest most stress-free shot at that moment.


You can all start slashing strokes off by just hitting the ONE shot you are good at. I take on shots that I am just not good enough at yet. I bring out the high stress clubs and moer them all over the show.

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