Golf Downswing : Gravity drops the club not you!!

Golf Downswing : Gravity drops the club not you!!

Everybody Terry Bradley here and today we are explaining the golf downswing.

Now on the downswing one thing you have to remember is once you get your grip and posture right, like we discussed in our other videos, the golf downswing happens naturally. As you can see when the club gets to the top of my backswing what happens is the club literally just drops right into place. It’s not a situation where we are forcing the club to the inside or to the outside.

When the club drop naturally our hands will lead and get over the ball first then the shaft follows and lastly the club makes contact with the ball.

Here is the order of the golf downswing:

1. At the top of backswing the hands drop straight down
2. As Club drops your hands lead
3. As hands lead they get to the ball first
4. The club shaft then follows on your target line
5. Then the club heads approaches the ball with a power lag!!!

If this is done properly, you don’t have to think about hitting the ball. The ball just gets in the way of your club as it comes through.

When the ball gets in the way of the golf downswing, the golf club releases out toward your target not at the ball. Too many time amateur golfers release the club to soon at the ball and it throws off the balance and tempo of the golf swing. Remember let gravity drop the club and not you!

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