Golf Exercise Ball Training Tips – Mike Pedersen Trainer

Golf Exercise Ball Training Tips – Mike Pedersen Trainer – Using a fitness ball for golf improvement is inexpensive, portable and effective. Making golf swing like in this video will increase your range of motion for a bigger backswing, as well as strengthen your core muscles for more power and distance.

Any golfer looking to play better golf should have a golf exercise ball. This is an inexpensive piece of equipment you can get anywhere, that will strengthen your body and eliminate back pain.

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These golf exercise balls are so much fun to use. I use them everyday in my golf training program, in fact I sit on my ball when I’m at my computer. It makes me use good posture, and I can do simple exercises to take a break from working.

One of the key elements in a consistently powerful golf swing is stability. Doing exercises and stretches on a stability ball will quickly improve your stabilizing muscles so you have “rock-solid” posture for 18 holes of golf.

I strongly encourage you invest in this golf exercise training ball, and put it to good use.

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