Golf Exercises and a Golf Lesson in Power Golf – Joey D Golf (2019)

Golf Exercises and a Golf Lesson in Power Golf – Joey D Golf (2019)

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This video is about one of the most exciting golf trips I have ever taken. I went to Joey D Golf in Jupiter Florida to learn what golf exercises would be best for me and to learn how to play power golf. I have 8 bulging discs in my back which have limited my golf swing and my golf fitness. My golf swing speed is only 102mph, so working with Joey D Golf to find the best golf exercises to incorporate into my golf fitness program, is something that I planned for my offseason. This video is part 1 of 3 and is an overview of my trip and what I learned. Part 2 will be more in depth on the physical fitness and Part 3 will be my entire golf lesson with my coach. I will cover in detail the drills that I am working on to increase swing speed and free up my swing.

The best golf exercises are not always the same for everyone. At Joey D Golf they first do an evaluation of your body to see what deficiencies or imbalances you have. In the golf swing it is critical to have a body that is in balance. In my case they found that my left calf muscle was much tighter than my right one and I did not have much internal hip rotation. As a result they gave me very specific golf exercises for hip rotation improvement. Balance in the golf swing is a result of more than just a balanced weight shift. I learned that for your golf swing to perform it’s best, a certain amount of golf fitness must present. Proper stretching and warming up, allow your muscles to perform optimally when at the driving range our on the golf course playing. Power golf is a result of golf swing speeds that be 120mph or higher, rotating around your spine. The golf swing is unique in all of sports because the best golf exercises are not always using heavy weights. For me, my golf swing speed will only increase if I can get loose. Now that I am 50 years old, it is harder for me to get loose, especially if it is early in the day. One of the first things that Joey D Golf worked with me on were a series of golf exercises for flexibility. Specific golf exercises for hip rotation, golf stretches for my back and golf stretches for my hips were the areas of focus. Because of my lack of internal hip rotation, the golf exercises for hip rotation are a priority because it impacts my swing path in my backswing.

My Joey D Golf workout has helped me with my fitness for golf and has improved my life outside of golf. The back pain that I have takes a lot of work to manage and I do many things to limit the pain, but the improvement in my golf fitness has had a remarkable impact in the quality of my sleep. I use my golf stretches before I go to bed, which relaxes my muscles and lowers my pain. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do, even if I am not going to play golf, I do my golf stretches. This gets my back and hips loose and pain free. Depending on what I do during the day, my back will flare up at times. If I do the golf stretches, my back loosens back up. The value of the Joey D Golf workout has been more than just getting loose before a round, it has changed my life.

*Gold Swing Fundamentals
One of the tests that Joey D Golf did was to check where the force was in my feet during my golf swing. The golf coach showed me that I was swinging with about 55% of my weight on the balls of feet, instead of 72% being in my heels. The 72% number comes from testing tour pros to see where their force is. This causes some real problems in my swing, the biggest was getting “stuck” and not maintaining my spine angle. This produced a lot of inconsistencies in the delivery of the club face and resulted in a two way miss.

In this video I review a couple of golf drills that help with the internal hip rotation, maintaining spine angle and “covering” the ball. All of these drills help with golf swing basics, that help my golf swing mechanics, my golf swing speed, and my golf game overall.

I hope you enjoy the video and get value from what I learned. If you are interested in learning more about how this could benefit you, I highly recommend you contact Joey D Golf for your personal evaluation.

This video is of Fredrick Taggart, a 50 year old golfer who is attempting to be the oldest rookie on the PGA Tour. Follow his journey and learn what he is doing and what it takes. He shares his experiences and wisdom from playing with some of the greatest golfers in history, including Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk and others.

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