Golf Glove Fitting – How To Choose The Right Golf Glove

Golf Glove Fitting – How To Choose The Right Golf Glove

How To Choose The Right Golf Glove. In this video golf tip, Australian PGA Golf Professional,Brian Fitzgerald “The Golf Doctor” shows you how to choose the right golf glove for your needs. The type of glove eg. Leather or synthetic and even the colour can be important when choosing your glove.


I’m Brian Ftzgerald The Golf Doctor.

And today I thought we would take a look at How To Choose The Right Glove.

I hope you enjoy it.


How do we choose the right glove? There is so many gloves on the market. There is different types. How do we know which one we should choose.

So today’s tip is all about trying to help you to make that decision.
So I have got 3 gloves here.

So the first glove I am going to show you is a leather glove. It is actually made of very very soft leather. It’s quite thin. So when you put it on it feels fantastic. It’s very soft and very fine leather.

This glove is white. If you want to get the best feel from a golf glove. You really should choose a lighter coloured glove. Because the pigments or the coloured pigments need to be thicker leather to stay
in the glove. So if you are using a black glove or a blue glove or a dark coloured glove the leather is going to be thicker than what it is if you use a white glove or a beige glove.

So when I used to use a glove. I wanted the thinnest leather I could to maximise my feel. So I went for the lightest coloured glove I could wear.

Now these are the most expensive gloves on the market are leather gloves. So it’s an important decision.

They are a fantastic feel. But they don’t actually have an extra layer of protection if you have got a poor grip or if there is movement in the grip. So it’s an expensive one and they don’t last as long. But they feel fantastic.

Secondly, we have a standard all weather type of glove.

Now this one is a darker colour but it doesn’t matter quite so much. It’s not a leather, it’s a synthetic. So this is more the type of glove you would use for everyday. And if you play a lot. This is the cheaper version.It also has an extra patch on there so if you’re the sort of person that wears the glove out. This is the ideal glove for you to use.

So you’ve got a glove that will perform well in wet weather as well as in dry weather. It is more universal. And you have got that extra protection so that when you’re swinging the club and there is a bit of friction in between the grip on the club and the glove. You’ll wear through that. Not through the base layer. Initially so it will last a lot longer and it is a fair bit cheaper.

And the other type of glove which you’ve heard me speak about before. Particularly on How To Play Golf In The what is called the FootJoy RainGrip Golf Glove.

I don’t wear gloves as a rule.

But when it rains I do wear these.

The wetter these gloves get the better they grip.

You could actually put them in a bucket of water, put them on and they grip really well.

Now if it is a really wet day and it is absolutely hosing down i would use one on each hand. It doesn’t feel that good.

I would practice to get used to that. But it gives me superior gripping qualities.

If you have got the grip and you have got a good secure grip you can play good golf.

If your club is if your hands are letting go because it is slippery there is no way you can hit a good shot.

So this is my the only time I wear a glove these days is this.

The reason I don’t wear a glove is simply that I like to have total control over the feel of my hands in relation to the clubhead.

And I find a glove provides a barrier to that feel.

I am not saying it’s wrong to use one it is just my personal opinion. I feel a lot more comfortable without a glove and more secure.

So as long as your grips are in good condition and you have got an excellent grip on the club. it works well.

So I hope that helps.

If you want to get a thinner feeling glove go for the lighter colours.

The darker gloves have thicker leather.

So it is just a case of choosing what’s important to you.

Durability or feel.

I hope that helps.

I’m Brian Fitzgerald. The Golf Doctor.

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