Golf Hacks For Solid Contact

Golf Hacks For Solid Contact

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There is a very common misconception when it comes to the best way to improve our golf game.

For years, I believed that what you wanted to do, was to attempt to hit the ball as close to perfect as you can, and to do this over and over.

I, along with most instructors, believed this to be the best way to ingrain that perfect swing so that it becomes repeatable on the course.

What if I were to tell you that I’ve done a ton of research and found that this is NOT the best, or fastest way to improve your game?

That I’ve discovered there’s a different way of training that helps you become more aware of how you’re hitting the ball?

That with this new training, when things aren’t going well on the course, your body will better know what you need to do to start hitting it flush again?

In today’s video, I’m going to give you a 5 step process to take to the range and begin striking the ball better in this one session.

These drills are also going to help teach your body how to quickly adjust on days that you don’t have your “A” game to begin.

This type of training is more easily taken from the range to the course than your typical, more common training methods.

Let’s get started…..

Clay Ballard

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