GOLF: How To Transition From Backswing To Downswing – 3 Best Drills

GOLF: How To Transition From Backswing To Downswing – 3 Best Drills

How To Transition From Backswing To Downswing – 3 Best Drills

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In this video, I do some poses in the beginning. I pose about halfway back at left arm parallel. Then I’ll show you what the transition would look like at that same position during the downswing. What I urge you to do in combination with this video is go on YouTube and look up your favorite swings and get them to the point during the backswing where they get left arm parallel to the ground. Look at where their body is in space, look at where their arms are and the club. Then fast forward and get them to left arm parallel during the downswing.
Maybe even take a snapshot of the players you like in both positions and compare them side by side. I don’t want to just take my word for it.

There are a couple of key fundamentals and it starts from the ground up. If I go up to left arm parallel in my backswing, and then I get to left arm parallel during the downswing, the first thing that happens is a shift in direction of the feet. The pressure moves more forward in my feet.

The second thing you’ll notice as my lower body and upper body both turn is I’m adding flex, bending my knees, and increasing my forward flex. My knees both gain flex. My chest gets closer to the ground and I’m reflexing and opening.

Part number three is the wrist conditions and the arms and club.
If we just focus on the left arm there’s added pronation – the back of my left hand gets more up towards the sky – and my left palm goes from behind me to more down towards the ground. From there I add in the wrist flexion. If you go back flat or slightly cupped or even slightly bowed, that wrist is going to stay the same or you will increase flexion.

The best golfers in the world all do these three things in transition. They have more pressure going into their left foot. They are reflexing their knees and chest as they turn and open and they are adding pronation and wrist flexion.

Check out the drills I show you for each of these pieces in the video.


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