Golf Impact – How to be Make Consistent Contact with the Ball

Golf Impact – How to be Make Consistent Contact with the Ball

Golf Impact – Golf lesson and golf tips on how your body and club should be positioned as it makes contact with the golf ball.

► Impact Golf Tips – Video Golf Lesson Summary

– Everything we’ve covered with your setup and golf swing until now is designed to get you into a great impact position — as easily and as consistently as possible.

– If you’ve followed the previous videos and drills in this series, the golf club should be moving along the right path into the ball, the clubface should be aiming in the right direction and the club head should be at the right height to strike towards the bottom of the ball, below its equator.

– The club should also be moving as fast as possible (faster than at any other point during the golf swing) to generate as much power and distance as possible.

– The weight of your body should rest mainly (80%) on your left foot, and your hips and shoulders should be open to the target.

– The head should be looking at the ball and the hands should be ahead of the ball, keeping the lag that generates so much power.

– Finally, the club should hit the ball first, and ground second (whenever using an iron or wedge).

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