Golf Lessons – Chipping – Distance Control Made Easy

Golf Lessons – Chipping – Distance Control Made Easy

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Once you can make solid contact with your chip shots your next goal is to learn distance control. The ability to chip the ball onto the green every time is an extremely valuable skill. But a more important skill is the ability to chip the ball close enough to the hole to give you a good chance to make the putt.

In this video I outline a simple chipping matrix that will allow you to produce a variety of ship shots that you can apply to the different situations you will face around the green. Each shot will have its own distinct amount of carry and roll so once you decide where you want to land the ball it will be a simple case of choosing the appropriate club so the ball will finish close to the hole very time.

It will take a little patience to work through the drill I outline on this video. But if you stick with it your practice will pay off with more up and downs around the green.

If you find that you do not hit the ball consistently enough to complete your chipping matrix, please take a look at this video on how to hit more solid chip shots –

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