Golf Lessons – Improve Flexibilty with This Exercise

Golf Lessons – Improve Flexibilty with This Exercise

Our goal at Premier Fitness Systems is to help you achieve better performance in your golf game. We accomplish this though our proven golf performance system and our monthly free golf lessons online. Today we are going to address one of the major swing faults we see with most of our golfers. Having a tight chest which limits range of motion. By increasing range of motion and flexibility in your chest and upper back you will see increase in distance and power in your drives! First Neil Johnson Canadian Pro member gives you a tip on how to practice keeping the proper posture when you are playing. Neil is not a golf teacher but has had golf lessons from some of the top coaches around. Then Greg McLean co-founder of Premier Fitness Systems a local fitness company based out of North Scottsdale teaches you an exercise that will stretch our chest and help create a more functional swing.
Most amateur golfers have a problem keeping good posture during their swing which affects their power and distance. The result is decreased performance and possible injury. These problems can not be fixed over night but with proper exercise and practice one can start to make improvements. Taking golf lessons from someone who truly understands the mechanics of the swing and then can advise clients on stretches and exercised to combat limiters in the range of motion is ideal. In this lesson we will focus on the chest and shoulders being rounded when hitting the ball. In the video below Neil Johnson gives you a hitting drill that can help you correct this problem and Greg teaches you the table top exercise which is great for opening up the chest and shoulders.
Most golfers stretch minimally before they play with very little focus on the areas that matter the most. You wouldn’t expect your golf game to get better with 5-10 minutes a day of practice! So don’t assume that your flexibility will either. It takes consistency and practice to get stronger and more flexible. If you want to hit bigger drives, and increase your power, opening up your chest is key! Increased flexibility and strength will improve your posture and allow for a more fluid dynamic swing. Golf lessons that focus on some of these techniques are essential if you actually want to see a change in the swing. Their is no mind over matter when it comes to poor flexibility. Performing stretches like the table top stretch daily coupled with a golf specific strength training program is the missing link in most players game.

The Premier Fitness Systems methodology behind our golf performance program is to take an educational approach to teaching players how to understand the different facets of fitness (strength, flexibility, posture, balance, alignment, and body position), and how they can take their game to the next level by improving within each segment.  These results coupled with taking a preventative approach to injuries will allow a golfer to stay at the top of their game. The program addresses major imbalances in strength and posture and focuses on improving alignment and body position to allow for a more natural free flowing swing.  Our belief is that our 5 components make up any great workout.  They are the perfect blend to ensure every program addresses any issues or weaknesses. Each component complements the others to create ultimate synergy within the workout. Programs all start with a detailed evaluation and swing analysis that allows for the trainer to understand the client’s needs and create a personalized plan. We determine a starting point using our seven-point movement screen, and from there determine any imbalances or compensation patterns that should further be addressed in our program design.

Golf Stretching Exercises
Here are some links to golf flexibility and strength exercises that will help you achieve greater power and reduce the risk of injury. These exercises will help you maintain a proper swing pattern and ultimately a better golfer.
Remember to always warm up before you perform exercise. Get the oxygen moving and the blood pumping. Ideal is to perform 5-10 minutes of aerobic exercise followed by a Dynamic Warmup.
Dynamic Warm up:
Hip flexibility:

Core Development:

Golf Posture Workout:
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