Golf Slice Fix – Drill #5 – Driver Drill

Golf Slice Fix – Drill #5 – Driver Drill

Golf Drill to Fix your Slice – Golf lesson and golf tips on how you can stop slicing the ball by practicing this drill that involves taking swings with your driver, with your hands far from each other on the grip.

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The driver can prove problematic when trying to get rid of a slice because the club is longer and travels faster than any other, which makes timing the position of the clubface at impact that much more difficult.

Split your hands so that your left hand grips the club normally but your right – bottom – hand grips the club down on the shaft of the club.

Practice swinging the club around your body and notice how the bottom hand must travel faster in order to overtake the left hand. Indeed, the bottom hand is to the right of the top hand during the downswing yet is to the left during the extension and follow through.

When you have a good sensation for this transition, bring your hands closer together by brining that bottom hand higher on the grip of the club. Do so gradually until you are gripping the club normally.

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