Golf Swing Lesson! How to Improve your Club to Golf Ball Contact!

Golf Swing Lesson! How to Improve your Club to Golf Ball Contact!

In this Golf Swing Lesson I will give you some ideas on how to Improve your Club to Golf Ball Contact in no time at all.

A golfers’ footwork can quite often determine their success in the game. Bad footwork will usually lead to a lifetime of extremely inconsistent ball flights and contacts. Keeping your balance during the swing and well into the finish, puts you in a whole new class of golfer.

Balance is the glue that keeps all the swing movements in place and under control!
If you have bad golf swing fundamentals and bad balance, the mishits would be very frequent..very inconsistent player…just no fun looking for golf balls all the time!
If you have bad golf swing fundamentals and good footwork and balance, you will have a good chance of duplicating the swing over and over creating good shots fairly regularly even though it may not be exactly correct. That’s the key right? Consistency! How do I make my swing more consistent?

Now!..If you have good golf swing fundamentals, good footwork and good balance….you write your own ticket!

Welcome to the Big Leagues!

If you would like further instruction on improving your golf swing in a live lesson environment, golf lessons can be booked for the Scarborough Family Golf Centre in Scarborough Ontario.
Contact us! I would love to hear from you!

Please let me know if there is a particular golf swing issue you would like me to cover in one of my blogs. I would me happy to give you my professional advice. Gary Kent

“I have taken golf lessons before however I find Gary’s teaching methods to be the most effective. He gives you a tip or two per lesson so you can work on the small change. Recently, Gary changed my stance , just a small adjustment, and now I am hitting more straight shots, hitting more fairways and lowering my score.”
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