Golf Swing Tip That CRUSHES Uphill Lies

Golf Swing Tip That CRUSHES Uphill Lies


Golf may be extremely enjoyable but many of the situations we encounter on any golf course during a round certainly cannot be classified as easy, at least upon first sight.

Practitioners of the George Gankas golf philosophy understand that all situations on the course have a corresponding utility shot, as analyzed and taught through the popular GG Swing Method.

Comprised of several hours of in depth George Gankas golf lessons, the GG Swing Method enables players to maximize their existing talents while developing any weaknesses into strengths along the way.

With respect to practicing our golf swing, no amount of hours at the driving range will prepare golfers for combating situations found in actual play, such as uphill lies on the course.

Hill lies, whether uphill, downhill or uneven, must be played with a positive mentality and the correct corresponding golf swing for each specific variety.

As depicted in the video, George specifically tackles issues golfers have when playing an uphill lie, something that can frustrate many players if they let the situation derail their mental golf game plan.

Due to the increase in loft found in shots taken from an upward slope, preparing for a successful shot on an uphill lie requires that our longer clubs be utilized.

We must ensure that our shoulders angle in line with the direction of the slope, with our ball situated a bit further up from where we would typically take our shot, we must ensure that our shoulders angle in line with the direction of the slope.

Leveling out our shoulder angle when taking a shot from an uphill lie can result in a sharp connection at impact, which will often result in a pulled or missed shot and tons of frustration for the golfer.

Make sure that you have altered the aim of your golf swing as playing on an upward slope will often cause the ball to pull to the left.

Our ball pulls to the left on uphill lies most likely because the release in swing happens at an upward angle, resulting in a closed clubface through rotation.

Most golfers are able to straighten out their shot simply by rotating their body and golf club slightly right of target.

Often, golfers find it to be quite difficult to chip on an uphill lie without hitting the ball fat and sending a handful of turf airborne.

Such miscalculations are not only issues for novice players but also well seasoned pros who lose focus in the midst of an uphill lie shot.

Many golfers make the mistake of tilting their bodies into the incline of the hill during their golf swing, which causes their chip shots to go fat.

Tilting into the hill on uphill lies will cause our shot to take flight much higher than usual, due to the added loft that happens when taking such a swing stance.

In order to avoid this flawed shot, you must ensure to place your ball ahead of your stance, slightly more than usual.

Another way to ensure great chip shots on an uphill lie requires that you shift your body weight onto your trail foot and choose a golf club with a low amount of loft.

On uphill lies, our golf ball does not have as much rotation as the typical short game chip shot, so getting the ball to drop as close to the hole as possible will require a gliding swing rather than making contact in a strong downward motion onto the ball.


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