GOLF: The Perfect Release For Every Type Of Golf Swing

GOLF: The Perfect Release  For Every Type Of Golf Swing

The Perfect Release For Every Type Of Golf Swing

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Normally in our videos I’ll talk about some stock movements or thoughts that I want you to use. But, the reality is there’s a lot of micro things in all of our golf swings where the stock answer, the stock move, or the stock feel might not work perfectly for you. So, in this video I want to talk the perfect type of release or different types of release patterns for each type of swing.

How my hands go on the club is a huge indicator of what my release pattern needs to look like. I talk a lot about wrist flexion and right wrist extension, but how much of those do you need? When do you do them? How much do you exaggerate? It all depends on the grip.

The weaker your grip, the more you have to add arm supination and rotation and lead wrist flexion to take the loft down and to square the face. If you watch Ben Hogan, he had a super weak grip. He had a healthy amount of arm rotation and a healthy amount of lead wrist flexion.

f you have a stronger grip, you need less arm supination and less wrist flexion.

If your grip is neutral, then everything we talk about in our stock stuff applies to you.

Body orientation and rotation also have an effect on the release pattern. If you have a good amount of forward flexion, right side bend, and good angles, then you can keep your right arm bent and right wrist bent, then you can maintain the flexion of your left wrist and you can pivot and rotate.

But, if you are someone who doesn’t have that body orientation and rotation, you’ll have a longer right arm at impact and a flipped wrist. you have to use your body orientation and pivot to match your arm structure

You have to match the pieces. Understand that release pattern and the information we give you in general is stock stuff. If it’s not working completely for you, check yourself. See where you’re different. Use this information and make adjustments to your grip body orientation or release pattern so they match up together.

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