Got Tight Hips? Try these Hip Mobility Exercises

Got Tight Hips? Try these Hip Mobility Exercises

Bodyweight exercises for hip mobility and flexibility.

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Having strong flexible hips is critical for strength and athletic performance. If your hips are weak or if your hips are tight you won’t be able to maximize your strength and performance in the gym.

In today’s video you’re going to learn some unique hip, stretches, mobility drills, and hip strengthening exercises that will improve your flexibility, mobility, and strength. So if you have tight hips, you’ll definitely want to give these moves a try for yourself.

Start with moving your hips from side to side to gently warm up the hip joint and increase blood flow to the muscles and connective tissue around the hips and glutes. Do this at least 20 times for each side.

Then do hip circles, rotating your hips clockwise for at least 20 rotations. And then counter clockwise for 20 rotations. This will move the hip joint around in the hip socket and help to limber up the muscles and connective tissue surrounding the hips.

After that we’re going to do some dynamic stretching with leg swings. Start with swinging one leg at a time front to back for 10+ reps. Then swing one leg at a time side to side for 10+ reps. This will move and stretch the hamstrings, hip flexors, hips, and glutes.

Next you can do some static stretches for the hip flexor with the lunging hip flexor stretch, holding each side for 20-30 seconds. Followed by the hurdlers stretch for the hamstrings and then leaning over to the side to stretch the hips. Hold these stretches for 20-30 seconds each.

Now to help improve your squat you can can do a squat stretch where you sink into a full squat position and force your knees wide with your elbows. This will help to open up the hips and groin and improve your flexibility and range of motion for squatting.

The final exercise in our hip workout is the wall squat. For this one stand facing the wall with a wide squat stance. Keeping your posture upright and knees wide, sink into a squat trying to break parallel. This squat variation will really stretch your hips, groin, and glutes while building strength throughout the lower body. Facing the wall forces you to remain upright and makes the exercise much more difficult than regular squats where you can lean forwards during the movement.

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