GTA V Tips and Tricks: Get rare weapons in the beginning

GTA V Tips and Tricks: Get rare weapons in the beginning

In this video, I show you how to get some of the rare weapons in the beginning of the game.

In addition to minigun which most players may want, I show how to get a bat, a colf club, molotovs and a crowbar very early in the game. Those melee weapons can NOT be bought from ammu-nation!

There are various locations for crowbar, bat and molotovs which you can see here:

However, there is only one location for the minigun and that is the ATC tower of Fort Zancudo. Getting in and out of it can be very difficult, as you can see, I used a Rhino for this task and still had to fight with 4 other tanks to get safely out of the base.

Colf club can also be obtained only from colf course, obviously. Since you cannot play golf so early, only way is poking a random golf player so they give you a club. This can only be done on daytime!

Those weapons WILL ALL BE LOST if you fail any mission! So in order to keep them throughout the game, you need to pass every possible mission first try. Not too hard of a task, but difficult planning for special vehicle collectors for sure.