Homemade electric go kart for kids in vintage style – DIY build – part 1

Homemade electric go kart for kids in vintage style – DIY build – part 1

How to make fast, luxury electric go kart for kids. Easy, cheap DIY project for everyone.
I’ve build the go kart for my son. It was his dream to have a car. He also likes retro designs from 20th/30th.

A little about the project:
My wife helped me with the design project and she made also the interior and upholstery. We didn’t wanted to build ordinary go kart but the luxury version 😉 It has LED lights (front and rear), electric gauges, key (like in real car) and beutifull made artificial leather upholstery.

It took me almost two month to build this car (working mainly for 4 hours weekly).
Go kart is made from wood. Why ? Because:
– I know how to handle the wood
– I wanted it to be flexible (more than steel one)
– I wanted to have it small weight because of batteries
Even steering and suspension is made from wood!

To make cycle kart (I think it could be caled like this) I used 350W electric engine. Brushless engines were to expensive for me, so I’ve bought the cheep, brush one ‘made in china’. I have a little problem with the engine controller because it’s not easy to buy cheap, good engine with dedicated controller. Finally I’ve used scooter controller and hallotron as gas pedal.

Engine has built in gears/transmission and gives almost 600 RPM.It is way too much! I’ve used motorcycle chain and two gears to reduce RPM and to have the top speed about 11 mph (with 20″ wheel and 1,8 tire).

What else ?
This is the first part of the tutorial. I will post other parts soon. Stay tuned!

I hope You like this car project. I must admit that building the go cart from scratch was a really good fun to me but.. it isn’t so easy as I thought.
frame design, body works, suspension, engine electronics, painting – all of this becomes a little bit hard if You want to build go kart properly for a years, for Your kids.

Music (in order):
“Perform” by Julian Wong under CC BY 3.0

“Little Lily Swing” by Tri-Tachyon under CC BY 4.0

“Folk Tango(Royalty Free Music)” by PeriTune under CC BY 3.0
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