HOW PROS PREPARE FOR A MATCH | Gameday step-by-step

HOW PROS PREPARE FOR A MATCH | Gameday step-by-step

How to prepare for a football match – you need to learn this step by step gameday preparation flow – in today’s football skills video, we will give you insights into how professional footballers prepare for a football match as we go with FC Nordsjælland on pre-season tour to get a behind the scenes look at how pros prepare for a match, all the way from they wake up to the moment they walk on the pitch. Here, you’ll hear about what they eat for breakfast in the morning, how they physically prepare by using foam rollers to prevent injuries, you’ll go in the dressing room with the team for the team talk where the players get ready, focus and take nutritional supplements just before they go out for a warm up. Here, the physical coach of the team will take the pro players through a gradual warm up with match ready warm up drills where they start slow to prepare the muscles and prevent injury, and slowly improve the intensity to make sure that the players are ready for the match. Then, the pro players go back to the dressing room, get their kit on and walk on the pitch – and then, the match kicks off – so if you want to prepare for a match like a professional player, these are some of the things you can learn and take inspiration from.


Preparation and focus is a big thing when you prepare for a match, but you also have to eat the right food on your match days – when the pro players prepare for a match on gameday, they eat a lot of carbs to stay energized throughout the day – after that they go to them gym to use foam rollers to prepare their muscles and prevent injuries, and then they have their team talk where they find focus and motivation – and get supplements like caffeine and extra energy so they’re fully ready as they prepare for the match just after they have done their match warm up drills. So if you want to be inspired by how pro players prepare for a match on gameday, this video is a great tool to learn how to prepare like a pro.

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