How to Avoid the Dreaded 3-Putt Hole

How to Avoid the Dreaded 3-Putt Hole

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Here’s a quick refresher on the Keys to a Proper Putting Setup

Putter Setup

The ideal putt setup centers around five key concepts.

• Level Shoulders

The position of your shoulders influences

the arc of your swing. In putting, you want

a symmetrical pendulum motion, and level shoulders are crucial in achieving that. It is very common to accidentally slump the right (trail) shoulder lower, so when setting up your putt, make a conscious effort to draw that shoulder up and back.

• Shaft in Line with Forearms

Hold the club as though it is an extension of your forearms. This will help you ensure that your

arms and the club are swinging together on the same plane.

• Shaft in Neutral Position

Even your putter is designed with a slight loft. At setup, be sure to start with the putter in a neutral position with the goal of returning to that position at impact. This will help you make the most of your putter’s loft.

• Hands Directly Below Shoulders

The relationship between the position of the hands and that of the shoulders influences the arc of the putting motion. Your level shoulders are already set up to help you get that nice, even swing. Seal the deal by making sure your hands are positioned directly below your shoulders.

• Ball Below Lead Eye

You may find some variance in advice about the perfect ball position in putting. However, one simple, reliable rule of thumb is to position the ball below the inside corner of your left (lead) eye. To test your positioning, put the ball in place and stand as though you are about to putt. Hold a second ball at your left eye, then let it fall straight down toward the ground. It should hit the ball you are set up to putt.


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