How to Break 80 – Didi’s Textbook Swing! LOVE YOUR SWING LOVE GOLF

How to Break 80 – Didi’s Textbook Swing! LOVE YOUR SWING LOVE GOLF

The Didi is back. He is going through a good run of form lately and we played at Burapha GC where he shows us how to break 80. His putter was stone cold today but when it’s working, this round would be a 76!



This guy just doesn’t care. He loves golf, he loves playing, talking, interacting, having a good time. There’s no time for stress for him on the golf course. He plays with what he has and he jams.

He shows you here how to just use your strengths to really play good golf. 95% of the world would be happy with this score and this determination. Waddaplaya Way of the Playa.

I don’t really have time for victims who find fault in Didi’s videos and want to cry foul about everything, so here is the bottom line:

1. Didi plays off the correct tees for his distance.
2. Didi has fun playing golf shooting between 76 and 84. When the tees hit 6,700 yards, then the game becomes not fun.
3. He worked on his fairway woods because he knew he would need them to get close to greens.
4. he then worked out he needs to chip and putt to save strokes after getting it up to the green.
5. He knew he’s never be a big hitter so he really focused on getting thatball in the hole from inside 100 yards.
This is the distance I keep telling you about playas, chipping putting, pitching.

It’s a very simple formula Didi uses which gives him scores between 76 and 85 depending on if he misses in the right area on the day and of course, like everyone if the putter is hot:

1. Hit the ball in the vicinity of the fairway 180-210 yards
2. Hit the next shot close to the green with anything up to a 3 wood. Practice your longer approach clubs so you can start going for more greens.
3. Chip and putt your way to stardom.


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