How to Break 80 – FORGET what you know – 666 Process Based Thinking To Break 80 (Thai Country Club)

How to Break 80 – FORGET what you know – 666 Process Based Thinking To Break 80 (Thai Country Club)

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This is the ultimate way to break 80. There is no pressure on yourself to make those elusive 11 pars and 7 bogeys. Just a way to set small achievable goals during a round, focusing on achieving the very basics of golf: set up an approach, hit the heart of the green or miss it where you can get up and down easily and then make a mess of a few holes.

When we go to the course and expect or desire par after par, we soon get derailed when a double bogey comes along. With my system illustrated here, I show you how to break 80 hitting just 6 greens in regulation, getting up and down 6 times and then screwing up the other 6 holes. Its the golf sidekick 666 system, players!

Focus on the basics: tee shot to a place where you can hit a comfortable shot into the green. If you screw it up, just get to the next position to get onto the green. In other words just good golf course management.

When you miss the greens, make sure you’re aiming at a place that would be a good miss. Allow yourself the easiest up and down possible. It goes without saying, as with all golf, PRACTICE your damn short game. Watch these videos on chipping, bunkers and putting:




Commit to every shot 100% – not 95%, 100% This is vital and the only reason you mess up shots is because you’re not committed. And why are we not committed? Because we hit shots we aren’t confident in. And why do we do this? Because we don’t KNOW OURSELVES! We must play shots we know in any form of golf and this 666 system encourages that and by pairing good golf course management with shots you know and trust, your scores will plummet.

When thinking about how to break 80 in golf, do a golf audit of your game. What are you good at? What shots can you reliably hit? What shots are you awful at? Keep the good, reject the bad. Play with what you have and only hit that shots players.

I don’t even want to hear any whining about discrepancies in distance between you and me. Didi doesn’t hit it as far as me and he breaks 80 on the regular because his course management is so spot on along with knowing his distances to the yard. You should be playing off the right tees for your length and you must COMMIT COMMIT COMMIT to what you know and can do!

Go forth, conquer and have fun, playas!!



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